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An Albuquerque, New Mexico general contractor, Mick Rich Construction specializes in medium scale commercial building projects in all phases of construction: new construction, building renovations, special unique construction, tilt-up construction, and design-build. To serve our clients' needs, we also have a service department for repairs and alterations.

Mick Rich defies trend, looks for out-of-state work

During the recession, New Mexico’s contractors have compressed, while out-of-state firms have expanded into the Land of Enchantment looking for projects. Mick Rich, however, has gone against the grain.

Blog #139 Quality, Part 2

Quality is no mistake. To achieve quality, it must be a more than a priority; it must be a core value – showing up in everything you do, every decision you make.

But for some companies, poor quality is no mistake, either. Quality is consciously and intentionally ignored or overridden by other considerations, usually greed or laziness.

Blog #138 – Quality 1

This week I traveled New Mexico, which gave me plenty of time in the truck to ponder poor construction.

We are rebuilding a school wing that was damaged in a fire. During the installation of the new metal framing, after a portion of the damage material was removed, our superintendent noticed that the existing structural steel frame was installed incorrectly. How could he tell? Because the steel connections did not come together, the bolts were missing and had been replaced with welding. Also, the steel beams were not supported by columns but by non-load bearing walls.

Blog #137 - Maintaining Common Areas

Maintaining common use areas can be challenging. No none person is responsible for maintaining those areas, so no one takes responsibility. What to do?

Blog #136 - Maintaining Interior Doors

Ever wonder why doors creak when opened in horror movies? To cause the audience suspense. But doors creak anytime they are not being fully opened and closed on a regular basis. When the door hinge does not complete a full cycle, the section of the hinge that is not being used starts to bind up and rust. That’s what causes the noise. So if you wish to keep your bedroom door from waking the kids, then just a few times a week, swing the door fully open and fully closed.

Blog #135 - All Exits to Remain Clear

Just a few years ago, we read of horrific deaths of Pakistani garment workers when a fire raced through a factory. Most Americans who read the article probably thought, “This type of tragedy can't happen here.” But is has happened here – just years ago when fire raced through an East Coast nightclub.

The chief cause of these catastrophic events is blocked exits. Exits get blocked in two ways: intentionally and unintentionally.

Blog #134 - Aisles & Walkways

Walkways and aisles should remain clear at all times. Nothing looks more unprofessional than storing items in walkways. In emergencies, everyone needs a clear, unobstructed path to the exits.

Like many offices, our office allows boxes to be placed near the front door temporarily, either waiting to be picked up or having been dropped off. A more appropriate temporary location is on the credenza behind the front desk, as a visible reminder where it is not a hindrance to people entering and leaving the office.

Blog #133 - Maintenance of Storerooms and Janitor Closets

I have been spending the past several weeks working to clear out the clutter at our office. At home, “clutter” can call to mind too many nick knacks on a shelf. But for a business, it can be a life safety issue.

Blog #132 - How to Maintain Stained Concrete Floors

"Surely concrete floors do not need maintenance?"

That was my question when we chose a black stained concrete floor for the lobby in our office. Looked great for a few years, then we could slowly see the black slowly disappear and a grey emerge in the center of the lobby. Very similar to beautiful women with pure black hair and grey roots. Not my idea of sophistication.

Blog #131 – Restroom Maintenance

Who wants to discuss restroom maintenance? Not only do I not like to discuss the idea, I don’t even want to picture a restroom that needs maintenance. But even the long in the tooth are worthy of a dentist’s care. So let’s get to the point and quickly and bring this topic to a close.